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Hatbag is a webcomic by David Hitt and Lain Hughes. Based on "Hippie and the Black Guy" by Hughes, Hitt and Jesse Holland.


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May 12, 2005 150 W, 1 I - + 23 - 9 Spoilers

Well, only one week remains before the next movie comes out!

I (David) have always loved this idea, since I read a review of the Dana Carvey amnesia comedy Clean Slate (or Blank Slate, or something), in which the writer claimed to have watched the movie multiple times, having her memory erased each time so that her opinion after each viewing was not biased by the previous ones. Even so, her negative notes each time were pretty much unanimous.
It just seems to me that would be a really cool thing to do with the Star Wars trilogy, to be able to go into it like you'd never seen it before. To experience the wonder of seeing that opening shot of the Star Destroyer for the first time. To be shocked to learn that Vader is Luke's father. How cool would that be?