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Hatbag is a webcomic by David Hitt and Lain Hughes. Based on "Hippie and the Black Guy" by Hughes, Hitt and Jesse Holland.


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Hatbag by David Hitt and Lain Hughes comic strip Iffy Propositions guy did you see that o.j. has a new book out explaining how if he did it he would have killed those two people seth hmmm say remember when we were roomies well if i had ever thrown up in your slippers it would have been an honest mistake dude and uh if I had ever taken your car out joyriding it would have been because I was on cold medication and if I had ever scratched all your CDs it was because of my love of hallway air hockey and if herbert oh hi guy where's the boss guy well if someone had kicked the crap out of him he'd be in the dumpster out back
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November 16, 2006 113 W, 1 I - + 27 - 18 Iffy Propositions

Ah, O.J.

For us here at Hatbag, this week's news was a like a visit from an old friend. An old friend who was accused of killing people and apparently is completely losing it, but nonetheless.

The Trial of the Century took place during the daily run of HATBG, and, yeah, we mined it for ideas from time to time, in strips like this and this.

When we went back after the strip ended and did some Web-exclusive installments, we even revisited him again.

Basically, this strip just kinda summed up our relationship with the whole thing.

So, yeah, welcome back, O.J. Shine on, you crazy acquitted murder suspect.

On behalf of Hatbag, I’d like to say that we’re glad the book deal was cancelled, even though it might retroactively make this strip less funny.
Lain - November 22, 2006 - 14:14