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Hatbag is a webcomic by David Hitt and Lain Hughes. Based on "Hippie and the Black Guy" by Hughes, Hitt and Jesse Holland.


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December 28, 2006 793 W - + 30 - 7 Making Of Another Hatbag

Before having the idea that became the Dec. 28 Hatbag, we worked on doing a strip in honor of President Gerald Ford, who died two days before the strip was published. Here's is the iChat transcript of that conversation.

Lain: hatbag thoughts for tomorrow?

Lain: i have one topical idea

David: i'm fer it

David: oh?

Lain: Guy: Did you see that Gerald Ford passed?

Lain: Seth: Yeah.

Lain: Guy: Say what you will about Ford, he stepped in when a troubled predecessor's own character faults forced him out...Ford took on a heavy burden in a troubled time.

Lain: Seth: Uh, yeah. I guess. Your point?

Lain: Guy: You're being replaced by Herbert

Lain: Herbert: Our long national nightmare is over.


David: hrm

Lain: Or a new year's resolution strip

David: or a punchline revue

David: or what they got for Christmas

Lain: In which we run the first three panels real pixel-y, and then get crisp new year's resolution for the final one

David: I'm not opposed to the Ford strip, but for some reason it's just not flowing for me

David: heh

David: maybe more transition would help

Lain: Let's just do random Ford-era references

Lain: Seth: I've got the Swine Flu!

Lain: Guy: Uh....let's Whip Inflation Now.

Lain: Jenny: THis sucks.

David: And then Herbert falls down some stairs

Lain: and then Seth says: "I'm Hippie Seth...and you're not!"

David: lol

David: thankyou

Lain: "Live, from your computer, it's HATBAG!"

Lain: "Unless you're reading it in book form!"

Lain: "Due February 2007!"

David: wow

Lain: Check your local listings!

Lain: Not for the hatbag book, just good advice.

David: heh

Lain: EDITOR'S NOTE: There was some debate about whether to do a traditional end of the year strip, or, alternately, to honor the late President Ford. The final script reflects the deadlock which always looms as a possibility in a two-man operation. Please enjoy!

Lain: Guy: Another year behind us./p>

Lain: Seth: He had a full life.

Lain: Guy: Time to make some New Year's resolutions, I guess.

Lain: actually i have nothing further with this concept

Lain: Guy: Sure, his heyday was long behind him, but he was still respected.
Seth: He stepped up and worked hard.
Guy: I'll always connect him with the vibe of the 1970's.
Seth: He was even spoofed on Saturday Night Live.
Guy: Who can forget his enthusiastic live performances, clad in a bright velvet robe?
Seth: Who can forget his controversial pardon of Nixon?
Guy:.... James Brown pardoned Nixon?
Seth:....Gerald Ford wore a velvet robe?

David: Seth: So President Ford died Tuesday

Guy: Yeah. So I heard.

Seth: I don't know how to feel about it. On the one hand, it seems like it should be a big deal, because he used to be president.

Guy: Right.

Seth: But on the other hand, I'm too young to have any memory of his administration, so it's hard to feel too strongly about it.

Guy: That's understandable.

Seth: On the other hand, I do love the Mustang and Indiana Jones.

Guy: Even you're not that dumb.

Seth: No, I was just trying to end with a punchline.

David: jrj

David: heh

Lain: Seth: I like to envision James Brown and Gerald Ford sharing an elevator ride to heaven together.

Lain: Guy: That's nice.

Lain: Seth: My theology is a bit murky.

Lain: Guy: Church of Otis?

Lain: Otis: Did you call me, Mr. Loo-thor?

Lain: Superman: Luthor!

Lain: Luthor: Superman!

Lain: James Brown: I feel dead!

Lain: Gerald Ford: I'm a Ford, not a Lincoln, and now I'm dead.

David: Seth: So Ford's dead. It's still hard to believe he had the guts to do that.

David: Guy: Pardon?

David: Seth: Yes.

Lain: heh

Lain: Seth: Hmmm. Coincidence? Or not?

Lain: Guy: What's that now?

Lain: Seth: James Brown's big hit "Get Up Offa That Thing" came out in 1976.

Lain: Guy: Yeah?

Lain: Seth: The same year Gerald Ford was president.

Lain: Guy: And?

Lain: Seth: And now they're both dead.

Lain: Guy: But that was ONE hit that Brown had, in ONE of the years that Ford was in office. What does that prove?

Lain: Seth: Oh, you're so shortsighted. Clearly someone is picking off the superstars of 1976.

Lain: Guy: Where are you going?

Lain: Seth: I'm going to see that new Rocky movie before someone kills off Stallone.

Lain: Guy: That could have been funnier.

Lain: Seth: Yes. Yes it could have.

Lain: or

Lain: Guy: That could have been funnier./p>

Lain: Seth: Well, PARDON ME!!

And, at that point, we kinda gave up on doing a Ford strip and came up with the idea that became this week's strip.

Way to beef up history, Mr. Hughes
Philip Polk () - May 19, 2007 - 22:57